How many in the US know about the FIFA world cup?

Posted on 10 May 2010 by admin in World Cup 2010 FAQ

How many people know that the US played in it?
And how many know that the US is ranked 5th in the world?

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  1. sherif_sherif18 Says:

    about 20%

  2. PaganAndProud Says:

    I know about the World Cup, I just don’t watch it.

  3. PK Says:

    I am not a American..but i guess they must be knowing

  4. louiequake Says:

    if the persons watches the news, reads the newspaper and watch sports definitely he or she will know

  5. beauty b Says:

    woohoo!! Brazil!!! (but Italy won, that’s nice!)

  6. fishball Says:

    Answer to main question: who cares
    Answer to second question: who cares
    Answer to last question: who cares

  7. 23_duaa_07 Says:

    few ppl who know in usa

  8. Exploradora Says:

    I know the FIFA world cup is an international football competition held every 4 years. The United States participated in the 2006 World Cup but only managed to score one goal (Clint Dempsey) and was knocked out in the group stages. They fell from rank #4 to #23.

    (I’m in America)

  9. stingking13 Says:

    i know about it and i also know that after our terrible, horrible, shit cracking performance at this years world cup were now ranked #24 i think

    (did i tell u how bad we performed)

    (even tho thats nothing new)

  10. AwesomeBill Says:

    More than you give us credit for.

  11. elgil Says:

    Not too many, but it doesn’t bother me.

  12. naty Says:

    i know about it.
    i know they played.

    i was surprised when i saw they were 5th. i expected them to go far. i was joyous after the usa-italy game. they showed great football (soccer) but then they got eliminated and played poorly overall.

  13. Kingston D Says:

    I don’t know how many people in the US played in the Fifa world cup, but I personally know. Not many people in the US knows about the world ranking of the US on soccer because not much bothers about it

  14. Cowgirl Says:

    I live in the US and not only did I know about it I watched all the games.

  15. morbidsweetness Says:

    This is silly,
    everyone knows about the world cup just like the Olympics, yeah US was in and they played very well,…i didn’t know they were classed 5th,

    ….nice job US soccer players

  16. locomonohijo Says:

    Everyone in the U.S. knows about it, and some knew that they were ranked 5th, but people who actually care about soccer in the U.S. root for othe rteams, and the poeple who would root for the U.S. really aren’t that interested in soccer. Btu if you look at all the immigrantsa nd cultural backrounds in the U.S., it’s not like the world cup goes by without anyoen noticing.

  17. sweetpanther08 Says:

    i watched it. and they’re not 5th in the world anymore…fifa changed the way they rate the teams…england is currently 5th…the USA is currently 23rd.


    go and search inwikipedia

  19. patrick w Says:

    Lies, US is not ranked 5th

  20. Mujahid Says:

    actually england is ranked 5th.

  21. ethiopia_cristiano_ronaldo Says:

    I live in the US but I’m not American. I can barely talk to anyone about because most of them don’t know what it is. It makes me so mad! By the way U.S. is now ranked either 16th or 18th.

  22. Ivan Says:

    I know the winners of all 18 WC’s but I only watched Germany ’06. I’ll prove it here:
    1930 – Uruguay
    1934 – Italy
    1938 – Italy
    1950 – Uruguay
    1954 – West Germany
    1958 – Brazil
    1962 – Brazil
    1966 – England
    1970 – Brazil
    1974 – West Germany
    1978 – Argentina
    1982 – Italy
    1986 – Argentina
    1990 – West Germany
    1994 – Brazil
    1998 – France
    2002 – Brazil
    2006 – Italy
    To see that I am correct check:
    Actually USA in ranked #23 by FIFA and #27 by ELO.
    England is the one ranked #5.

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