How Many Times Have England Played In The Fifa World Cup Finals?

Posted on 25 February 2010 by admin in World Cup 2010 FAQ

As the ‘beautiful game’ attracts such a huge following in the UK, someone should be able to help me. Cheers.

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  1. ×× M. Jordan ×× Says:

    18 times. (Including this World Cup)
    Germany 2006
    Korea/Japan 2002
    France 1998
    USA 1994
    Italy 1990
    Mexico 1986
    Spain 1982
    Argentina 1978
    West Germany 1974
    Mexico 1970
    England 1966
    Chile 1962
    Sweden 1958
    Switzerland 1954
    Brazil 1950
    France 1938
    Italy 1934
    Uruguay 1930
    Go on cheering for the remaining team without Rooney! With or without Rooney, England is still one of europes best, GO ENGLAND!!!
    - from the die hard fans of England -

  2. Angel of Retribution Says:

    ENGLAD WILL PLAY ALWAYS… AND WILL LOOSE ALWAYS TOO… they don’t play fooball just kill people and speak bad about ALL the oponents.

  3. hatachis Says:

    Thus far 18 times!!!!

  4. phoenix_ Says:

    18 times(Including this one).

  5. kevin Says:

    england’s first world cup was in 1950 in brazil. they played three games, beating chile, but losing to the usa and spain. they failed to qualify for the next round.
    in 1954 they beat switzerland and drew with belgium. they qualified for the next round but got stuffed 4-2 by uruguay.
    in 1958 they drew all three games with the soviet union, brazil and austria. they finished equal on points with the soviets, who beat them in a play off.
    in 1962 the beat argentina, drew with bulgaria and got beat by hungary. in the next round they were beaten by brazil.
    in 1966 i think they won, its mentioned now and again. not that they ever go on and on and on about it.
    in 1970 they beat czechoslovakia and romania but were beaten by brazil. in the next round they were knocked out by west germany.
    they failed to qualify for 1974.
    they failed to qualify in 1978.
    in 1982 they beat czechoslovakia, france and kuwait. in the second phase they drew with west germany and spain which wasn’t enough to reach the next round.
    in 1986 they beat poland, drew with morocco and lost to portugal. in the next round they beat paraguay but lost to argentina in the quarters to maradona’s best world cup goal ever.
    in 1990 they beat egypt but drew with netherlands and republic of ireland. they beat belgium after extra time in the second round, and cameroon in the quarters. they lost on penalties to west germany in the semi final. they were beaten 2-1 by italy in 3rd/4th play off
    in 1994 they did not qualify.
    in 1998 they beat tunisia and colombia but lost to romania. they lost on penalties to argentina in the next round.
    in 2002 they beat argentina but drew with sweden and nigeria. they beat denmark in the next round before losing to ronaldinho’s fluke goal in a 2-1 defeat by brazil.
    and thats the lot, eleven times. this year they will get beat by brazil in the semi final.

  6. roburo20 Says:

    The British have won it 2 times.

  7. anonymou Says:

    11 times before Germany 2006.
    1950 worldcup in Brazil
    1954 worldcup in Switzerland
    1958 worldcup in Sweden
    1962 worldcup in Chile
    1966 worldcup in England
    1970 worldcup in Mexico
    1982 worldcup in Spain
    1986 worldcup in Mexico
    1990 worldcup in Italy
    1998 worldcup in France
    2002 worldcup in Japan & Korea

  8. tvballer Says:

    2 lost to brazil in ’58 and ’70

  9. Matt Says:

    u tell me!!!

  10. sulmues0 Says:


  11. LitaTheR Says:

    19 times??
    if i’m not mistaken..

  12. Robbie B Says:

    Who cares!!

  13. Suzita Says:

    I don’t know but I have a good feelin this year they are going to WIN!

  14. IAD Idol Says:

    england! go lampard go rooney go gerrard

  15. Castor Says:

    18 times

  16. maria p Says:


  17. Khemiztr Says:

    11 World Cup appearances (1950, 1954, 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970, 1982, 1986, 1990, 1998, 2002)
    Winners 1966, 4th place 1991

  18. paul p Says:

    18 winners in 1966 and 2006 ? (-:

  19. mr_leigh Says:

    England have played in the world cup 12 times

  20. Trevor W Says:

    Well, according to the World Cup 2006 game by EA sports, there is a load of factual gubbins for all the teams in the tournament. England,apparently,have participated 12 times.However not in 94 or 74 and we all know why that was dont we?

  21. DAVID W Says:

    18 times

  22. DrNinja Says:

    The key word is FINALS, so the answer is 1 (one), they have participated many times but been in the ‘finals’ only once

  23. johnboy_ Says:

    Its 12 times including this year,4 more times than Scotland hahahahaha

  24. phil m Says:


  25. pinkemu Says:

    11 times! winners twice!! post germany 2006 of course!!! :-)

  26. Joseph T Says:

    eleven times

  27. robert a Says:

    18 times

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