Who thinks that during the 2006 Fifa World Cup that the Austrailian team played rather well?

Posted on 23 May 2011 by admin in World Cup 2010 FAQ

Personally, I think that Australia preformed rather well since they weren’t in the World Cup last time. Who agrees with me?

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  1. Van Persie’s GaL Says:

    yahh they did well…and unfortally got ripped off against italy!

  2. leecibrahim Says:

    Well, I would say they were involved in maybe the best 3 games of the tourney. Maybe not the top 3, but 3 of the top 5. The Brazil game was good, they had their chances to score and possibly win. The Italy game was fantastic, very unlucky on the late pk. The Japan game was amazing, 3 goals in the last 5 minutes to win! The Croatia game was nuts. I was on my feet watching the final 20 minutes going nuts. What an unreal finish. I was rooting for them, certainly entertaining, unlike many many other teams (USA, you bastards).

    P.S. The pk against Italy was justified, it wasn’t a 100% pk, but it was one the ref had to call, IMO.

  3. cnote_73 Says:

    They were never meant to make it out of their group! Japan and Croatia forgot that it was the World Cup. The Socceroos did impress me though.

  4. farah Says:

    I agree with you, although I didnt support them I thought they played really well. I especially enjoyed their game against Japan, when they scored those late goals.

  5. divalicious Says:

    Any team to make it to the fifa world cup is definitely amazing.
    It is such an honor to play for fifa!
    this year might not have been their year
    but we’ll see what happens in 2008!

  6. Kibagami_Jubei Says:

    i do, all the way

  7. malaysian Says:

    Yes … I think they played rather well for first timers. They are at least so much better than Saudi Arabia.

  8. cheeky chic 379 Says:

    I think that anyone that got that close, played well.

  9. obrob Says:

    well it wasn’t actually their first time at that level, although it was for the last 30(+) years. We only won 1 game, we could have put our subs on late in the ITALY game instead of waiting for extra time.

  10. Juventina Says:

    Yes they did play very well.

    Good Luck next time!!

  11. ashesh Says:

    i agree with you and i enjoyed watching the game they played against japan when they scored 3 goals in the last ten minutes of the game when it all seemed like japan had won three points, they were proven wrong

  12. Giuliano C Says:

    thanks for the 2 points

  13. andygurl Says:

    I think they did play very well though as an Aussie I could be seen to be a little biased. However they played far better than expected and also were more competitive than even realistic Aussies thought they would be. It was a great experience for them and has provided the building block the Socceroo’s needed and a solid foundation for the growth of football in Australia in general. I don’t know if the momentum will be effected with the likely loss of Kewell and Viduka, and the parting of Hiddink. I hope not. He only had the team for ten months and did a fantastic job with them, it would have been nice to see them in 2010 with a full 4 yrs under Hiddink. I think the future looks bright though and Australians have no reason to not get behind them and see some great results. They will upset a few for sure. They held their own and will improve on their 06 performances. See you all in 2010.

  14. London girl Says:

    i agree i’m VERY impressed of Aussie an Spain last world cup they didn’t even get out the first round an so as Portugal.

  15. Jack Hoff Says:

    they did ok.

  16. TheUniqueshadow Says:

    They did pretty well

  17. asok c Says:

    Australia, an unfortunate victim of a manupulation, played well. I put them over Italy in my rankings. I don’t care what others think !


  18. safinho Says:

    No, I think. They were nearly lost to Japan, if not for the Japs mistakes. After all, I didn’t really see them played. I’m not into Socceroos…

  19. allezlesbleus Says:

    They played better than Italy ,for sure!

  20. standstill 22 Says:

    ehh…they were ok.

  21. Laetitia G Says:

    They looked really good. A great team! and the Penalty kick was a bad call. Any Australian supporter should be proud. Congratulations!

  22. __/““\O Says:

    Good but not as good as Ecuador or Ukraine.

  23. JENNIFER C Says:

    played great

  24. CannForever Says:

    yeh they were good. i liked italy but i thought that game was so unfair with australia. their fans seemed really respectful. other ppl would not let that go.

  25. frederica Says:

    Well I dont really agree with you ultimately.Convesely it was the hard working of the good players that we already know.it was really great to see these players play to our expectation.They did play well.

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