Who will win fifa world cup 2014?

Posted on 25 April 2011 by admin in World Cup 2014 FAQ

Who will win the trophy in the Rio final in 2014?

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  1. Gray Smiley Face Says:

    USA USA USA!!!!! LOL JK either Brazil, Italy, England, or Argentina though Ghana and South Africa have a good chance too. Though if you want a more accurate answer just ask Paul the Octopus :)

  2. Stacy W Says:

    Argentina. Yeah.. MESSI..?!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Salem Says:

    Hopefully, SPAIN !

  4. ohcapitan Says:

    Germany has a good chance of winning. The team is full of young talented players that will continue to get better as they mature in the sport.

  5. matador Says:

    england no they need young players usa of course not nor mexico and spain well pretty much any team would want to eliminate them since they dont want history to repeat itself and netherland no they were second but wont win good team though argentina maybe if they learn how to manage their team right with the perfect formation germany well maybe too if they learn not to soften up in any game surprise may be tricky they do have young players and are good especially klose and also france lost it hopefully they can pull themselve back together oh yea brazil well if they start playing with the formation they always play back than yes but better not call ronaldihno i think its to early to say still uruguay had an awesome cup this year 2 i thoink we need to see their performance since u know watt happened to france eliminated n also italy .

  6. Barça Says:

    Spain Spain !! they have the best talented players !!!!!

  7. Bany Nany Says:

    Spain ; Because its my country d;

  8. michaelkazich Says:

    Bit early lol

  9. KL@SS @CT 1001 Says:

    Great Britain will win the 2014 wc.

  10. Superior Quality 85™ (PTSF) Says:

    Either Brazil or Spain

  11. Nicole **BRAZIL** Says:

    Brazil for sure.

  12. ricardo kaka Says:

    Offcourse BrazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeLLL

  13. PeaceBros Says:

    I hope Germany! It’s time for the cup to go to the Germans dammit after all the 2nd and 3rd places. They deserve it and they’ve showed it throughout the WC!! Go Deutschland!

  14. Thierry Bergkamp Says:

    Australia !!!!!!!!!!!!! not really
    because in
    98 they won
    02 they sucked
    06 they made the final
    10 they sucked
    14 they won
    It’s symmetric if they do

  15. Love..Michelle..Hate Says:

    Someone who hasn’t won before.

  16. Joel Says:

    Well i Think The final will be Spain Vs Brasil
    even do i’m spanish,salvadorean,and american
    i think brazil might win the realy get inspired when there in home so yeah 2014 goes to brazil

  17. Yasmin Says:

    Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said

  18. Salah Youssef Says:

    germany & may be italy

  19. Angel! Says:

    Germany, or Brazil.

  20. Stu Says:

    The Final will Be Scotland Vs England

  21. pink_mango Says:

    My pick for winner is between Germany and Brazil. Germany was really strong this year, and most of their squad consisted of young, dynamic players that will be back for 2014 (Mesut Ozil, Thomas Mueller, Sami Khedira, Manuel Neur; even Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger will be in their late 20′s and probably still playing) The German squad is a contender in every world cup, and 2014 will be no different.
    Brazil will have the advantage of a home crowd. Although most of their current squad will be past their prime, they also will have young players such as Neymar and Alexandre Pato who didn’t make Dunga’s squad for this world cup. Like Germany, Brazil is a considered a favorite in every world cup.

    Two other squads to go far (but maybe not win) are Ghana and the current champions, Spain. Like Germany, Ghana is an incredibly young team that shows lots of promise. They have the youngest average age this world cup (24.1) and stars like Asamoah Gyan will still be on the squad.
    Although Spain may not will again in 2014, they will still do well even without stars like Iker Casillas, Xavi, and Carles Puyol. Players like Cesc Fabregas, Jesus Navas, Pedro, David Silva, Gerard Pique, and even Fernando Torres (if he is fit) will be able to step up in 2014 and make Spain a strong contender, though not the favorites they were in South Africa.

  22. Joe K Says:

    Umm a bit early

  23. ice man Says:

    Clockwork Orange, The Netherlands

  24. PNP Says:

    Spain, a rare repeat!

  25. JustDoIt Says:

    Brazil brazil brazil and it would be only Brazil.
    Viva Brazil

  26. Phil Sciortino Says:

    Obviously Brazil……think about it, brazil is hosting the freigen cup which means the fans will be OUT OF THEIR MINDS. Also brazil will never run out of good players, like every one freaked out when ronaldinho didnt play in this years cup but now they got this eighteen year old
    neymar kid who just fucked up usa the other night………..hes basically brazil’s ace in the hole.

  27. Cassedy M Says:

    ITALIA! <3

  28. Super Sweden Says:

    Uruguay – Argentina in the final and to compete for their 3rd titles ever since
    Uruguay score : Forlan 2 , Suarez 1
    Argentina score : Messi 1

  29. Josh: Back from Vacation :( Says:

    Brasil :)

  30. Russel lissac Says:

    I reckon the final will be between Holland and Germany, with Holland winning 2-1.
    As long as they keep Sneijder in the midfield and replace De Jobg with Van Der Vaart, and have Van Persie and Huntelaar up front.
    Although I reckon Germany will win the Euro 2012 cup after some briliant goals by Muller and Schweinstiger.

  31. SquishySquishy=0 Says:

    lol well its too early to tell, but i would like to see Netherlands win

  32. andrew 69 Says:


  33. Rami Says:

    Germany or Brazil

  34. Castera – Tultitlán – Viva México por siempre Says:

    As Mimi Evil said “Someone who hasn’t won before” but as Uncle Sam “America for Americans” then
    a) México
    b) Chile
    c) Paraguay

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